18 – 20 September 2020 Mumbai, India MORE INFORMATION

Exhibitors & products

Here you will find all the information about the product groups which will be at display and companies participating at the show. 

Product profile


India's only exhibition that covers the entire value chain of the LED industry.

  • LEDs / LED products / LED lighting products
  • LED components / LED chips, accessories & raw materials
  • LED signage & displays
  • LED manufacturing equipment / machinery / fixtures & allied products
  • LED applications & lighting
  • Solar powered LED lighting products & solutions
  • Research organisation & testing laboratories 

Exhibitor list LED Expo Mumbai 2019

Exhibiting companies  Booth no.
A V Enterprises E10
A&A Global Resources Pvt. Ltd. A36
Abia International / Divine Lighting  B100
Acin-Lt Lighting Co., Ltd. E61
Acme Light C40
Adair Lighting Co. Ltd A24
ADC Light C96
Aditya Electricals G05
Adsun Lighting Pvt. Ltd. C70
Adhesive Specailities A42
Agnus Lighting Systems Pvt. Ltd. E30
AGS LED Industries G50
Akhandjyot Energy & Power Products Pvt. Ltd. D100
ANF Industries Pvt. Ltd. A44
Anhui Ledtu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. E89
Antrix Associates G62
Anycasting Co.Ltd C89
Aqtronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. B102
AR Electronics B75
Arteluce A16
Asapp Info Global Group E106
Asemi Electronic Co., Ltd. F03
Aura B60
Baisheng Electronic Co., Ltd. E96
Balcom Electronic Ltd. G33
Beemore D76
Bhairav Impex A21
Bharat Impex G64
BLG Electronics Ltd. E31
Bloomtech Impex Pvt. Ltd. C90
Blue Carbon Technology Inc. E66
Blueview Elec Optic Tech Co. Ltd D90
BN LED Lights Pvt. Ltd. B97
Boffin Impex Pvt. Ltd. H21
Boya Lighting Co., Ltd. E93
Bright World  C45
Caxin LED Lighting Co., Ltd. G38
Changfang Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. D70
Changzhou Jiaqi Electronics Co., Ltd F50
China Info Booth F87
Chinalight (HK) Co., Ltd. F81
Chipmax Designs Pvt. Ltd. D82
Chitra Lights A30
Componix India D35
Cygnus Lighting Llp F104 
Cygnus Lighting Llp B40
Dasanyuan International Co., Ltd. E95
Devtech M2M Ltd. B65
Digiopto Technologies Pvt. Ltd C92
Dob Ruisen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd C97
Dongguan Chengdong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. E65
Dongguan Sensetech Lighting Co., Ltd. F82
Dongguan Topazcon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. E39
Dongguanyat Fai Electronics Ltd. E41
Drive Technologies A51
Eage Electronics Pvt. Ltd. D78
ECS India B81
EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd F95
Electroloy India Pvt. Ltd. E108
Electronics India F100
EM Media LLP G61
Epitome Components Pvt. Ltd. D77
Era Electro Devices C25
Era Fame Media Group F93
Excel Greentech Pvt. Ltd. C74
Exotherm Instruments Pvt. Ltd. C105
Fine Shade G44
Fine Trak Systems F106
Forex Impex B106
Focus Lighting & Fixtures Ltd / Shenzhen Yanshuoda Technology Co.,Ltd C65
Foshan Evercore Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. E52
Foshan Gaojiang Electrial Appliance Co., Ltd. G10
Foshan Hengchuang New Plastics Co,.Ltd F29
Foshan Ojun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd F22
Foshan Polarlights Lighting Co., Ltd. F62
Foshan Ronse Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. G17
Four Square Media Pvt. Ltd. G43
Future Light (India) G53
G T Magnetic Pvt. Ltd. A54
Glamor Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd E90
Glocot Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. B96
Gonon Optoelectronic Lighting Co. Ltd E87
GSR Infocom P Ltd / Huahu B95
GT Lighting F98
Guangdong Allway Lighting Co., Ltd. G30
Guangdong Kangrong High-Tech New Material Co., Ltd. F61
Guangdong Zonopo Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd. F05
Hangzhou Baoming Optical Materials Co., Ltd. E81
Hazel Lighting Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Go Color) B107 
Hazel Lighting Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Go Color) B105
Hooger Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. E35
Howell Energy Co., Ltd. F31
HS Corporation D74
Hunan Province Foundersoonest Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. F01
Hunan Pusisat Opto Technology Co., Ltd F20
I- Tech Media Pvt Ltd G41
Ibra Energy (I) Pvt. Ltd. C86
Indian Automated Die Casting Co., Pvt. Ltd. B30
Indo-Tech Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. A41
Infinity Reflex B85
Innovative India Illumination ( ALS ) A10
Innovative Micro Systems D40
Inventfine By Sansaa D60
J M Industries H25
Jainsons Lights Pvt. Ltd. B38
Jiangmen Crom Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. F64
Jiangmen Duramp Electric Co., Ltd G14
Jiangmen Jiaqixing Home Appliances Indusyties Co., Ltd. E82
Jiangmen Jobo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. G26
Jiangmen Langya Lighitng Co. Ltd. E103
Jiangmen Perfect Lighting Ltd G63
Jiangmen Yejin Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd F27
Jiangmen Yi Jun Xin Da Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. G15
Jiangsu Puya Lighting Tech Public Co., Ltd. F63
Jilin Sino-Microelectronics Co., Ltd. F10
Johnson Opto-Electrics E91
K and S Advertising G51
Kalinga Electricals Pvt. Ltd. C76
Kalon Lighting B108
Kamtech Infoline G52
Kardhar Lights D55
Keith Electronics Pvt. Ltd. C106
Korin Optoelectronics Llp D72
Koshin Electronics (Chenzhou) Ltd. G46
Krishna Electric Industries D46
Krsnalite E107 
Krsnalite F83 
Krsnalite G45
Kundan Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. B57
Lafit Lighting Pvt. Ltd. B77
Lamda Components Pvt. Ltd. E33
Langke Equipment Co. E94
Lanyeeh Metal Ware Co., Ltd. F94
LC Tech Llp D20
LED World D89
Ledos Lighting B70
Ledure Lighting Ltd. C20
Leejo Lighting Electronics Pvt. Ltd. E100 
Leejo Lighting Electronics Pvt. Ltd. F91
Lemonlite H19
Lightech Industries A31
Lighting India G60
Lightronics D83 
Litex Lighting G48
Liwang HI- Tech Co., Ltd D85
Longsun Hardwere Technology Co., Ltd. E97
LR Electro A50
Luminac C80
M/S. Nirvana Lighting Pvt Ltd B10
Mac Printing Solutions G58
Manisha Enterprises A60
Mantra Enterprise H10
Maxvel Lighting B104
Mectronics Marketing Services H05
Megalux Lighting Solution A25
Meiao Mumbai Sales And Services D65
Millennium Semiconductors B20
Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Ltd. F54
Mitsutek Electronics G54
Mora E102
MR Technology B88 
N D Electronics D80
Narayana Lumens India C78
Neenjas Technologies Pvt Ltd. B76
Neptune Lights C50
Network Inc. C95
New Delhi Print Media Pvt. Ltd. (Ele Times) G59
Newbie Technology Pvt. Ltd. A17
Nexus Media Works G01
Nicolaudie Group D75
Ningbo Jiachang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. E80
Ningbo Ouxuan Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. F52
Ningbo Puwin Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. E57
Om Enterprise G04
Optiks Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. B55
Orion LED Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. H14
Pengjiang Xinde Lighting Co., Ltd. E99
Power Palazzo Pvt. Ltd. D94
Pramod Telecom Pvt. Ltd. A56
Prisha Illumination B50
Pulsar Enterprises P. Ltd. A34
Pyrotech Electronic Pvt. Ltd. A35
Qihe India Pvt. Ltd.  B89
Quiz Electronics Llp B92
R Square SMD Solution F97
Rabyte Electronics / Osram C10
Rajkamal Trading Corporation C104
Ramdev Lighting Llp B98
Range Lite C30
Rays Lighting A14
Red-Card Modular Switches and Home Automation  G57
Regency Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. C102
Riza / Enfalion Capacitor D34
Roshan Packging A45
Runqi Lighting Teconology Co., Ltd. F66
Rutav Engitronic Systems A37
Sadguru Autocomponents Pvt. Ltd. A20
Saffron Power Innovations Pvt. Ltd. C108
SDD Enterprises H16
Semiconic Devices Pvt. Ltd. D30
Semitech Opto Solutions H11
Senpu Electronic (India) C87
Seva Die Casting B90
Sharang Corporation G07
Shenzhen 2 in 1 Technology Co., Ltd. E55
Shenzhen Big Light Technology Co., Ltd F48
Shenzhen City Oushengtongxin Photoelectricity Co., Ltd. F08
Shenzhen Dream Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. G39
Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. E60
Shenzhen JBT Smart Lighting Co., Ltd. E84
Shenzhen MTC Lighting Co., Ltd F28
Shenzhen Teleya Photoelectric Co.,Ltd. F68
Shenzhen Xuancai Electronic Co., Ltd. F60
Shenzhen Zhengyuan Technology Co. Ltd. F84
Shinyu Light Co., Ltd E37
Ship-IT Worldwide International Trade Co Ltd B94
Shiwang Electronics Co., Ltd. E98
Shree Bherunath Enterprises C100
Siddhi Lighting A28
Siyaram Luminous Llp D46
Smartlight E06
Soaring Illumination D88
SP Prime Impex - HJY D87
SP Prime Impex- Zhongshan Quanjin Synthatic Material Co. Ltd C51
Spanco Semiconductors C84
SS Electronics E20
Star Electronics F102
Sterling Sign Systems B82
String Impex D62
Suddpram Auto Engineering Co Pvt. Ltd. D84
Sun Lights / Star Eagle H01
Suzhou Suhang Metal Material Co., Ltd. E85
Swingtel Communications Pvt. Ltd. D10
Taizhou Haoran Machinery Co., Ltd. F88
Takiar Overseas ( P) Ltd B80
Taurus Opto Semiconductors Llp F99
Techno Adcance Systems Llp (Technobeam Leds) G55
Tej Auto System Pvt. Ltd. A46 H24
Trimax Devices A27
Uni Geer Technolgies Llp E104
Vensen Lighting Pvt. Ltd. G56
Vlite Electricals D81
Volga Innovations H07
Vos Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. A47,A48,A49
Waaree  C83
Wago Pvt. Ltd. B45
Western Trade Wings Pvt. Ltd. D25
White Luminaire B52
Xi Li Lighting E83
Xiamen Fucon Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. E53
Xiamen Wentian Digital Machinery Co., Ltd. E51
Xing Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. G32
XJS Electronics Pvt. Ltd. D50
Yafei Group Co., Ltd. F11
YD Illumination Co., Ltd. F90
Yingfang Media Ltd. F96
Yiyang Anxing Electronics Co., Ltd. E50
Yiyang Pchicon Technology Development Co., Ltd F47
YM Lighting E105
YMD Electromac India G03
YSI Tech Pvt. Ltd. F89
Yue Tai Electron Co., Ltd D86
Yuyao Huayue Electronic Co., Ltd. E62
Zed Impex C62
Zed Impex  C60
Zhejiang Bulo Electrical Co., Ltd F80
Zhongshan Babo Siri Lighting Co., Ltd. F56
Zhongshan Boshun Llighting Appliance Co., Ltd. G20
Zhongshan Casung Lighting .Co., Ltd. F86
Zhongshan Cingso Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. G23
Zhongshan City Shengwang Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. F55
Zhongshan City Xiangteng Lighting Co., Ltd G18
Zhongshan Deda Lighting Co., Ltd. F67
Zhongshan Fango Lighting And Accessories Co., Ltd. G27
Zhongshan Gubang Organic Silicon Material Co., Ltd. F85
Zhongshan Guzhen Nanpai Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd F65
Zhongshan Haoqi Lighting Technology Ltd. F53
Zhongshan Hitechdriver Lighting Appliances Co., Ltd. G35
Zhongshan Hongxinsheng Electronic Co., Ltd F69
Zhongshan JC Power Co. E63
Zhongshan Jindian Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. F46
Zhongshan Keliang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. E58
Zhongshan Landu Industry Co., Ltd. G24
Zhongshan Niubao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. E64
Zhongshan Ouma Lighting Co., Ltd  G08
Zhongshan Oyad Lighting Co., Ltd. F25
Zhongshan Shengpin Lighting Co., Ltd. E54 
Zhongshan Shengpin Lighting Co., Ltd. E56
Zhongshan Sinyoo Electronics Lighting Co., Ltd. F21
Zhongshan Sunkeda Lighting Accessories Co., Ltd. G21
Zhongshan Yongfu Aluminum Co., Ltd. G36
Zhongshan Youlian Lighting Factory F51
Znshine PV-Lighting Co., Ltd. F92

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