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The 2024 edition of LED Expo Mumbai yet again presented power-packed knowledge programs that threw light on new and emerging technologies that will take the industry by storm and will also give a sneak peak into the booming smarlighting market in India.

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Power packed lighting workshop by Women in Lighting

  • Dolly Chitalia - Techniques to achieve good design

Discover various layers of lighting along with types, fixtures and their applications to set the right ambience and enhance functionality.

  • Maitreyee Kelkar - Biophillic Design 

Brief on lighting design concept that seeks to mimic the natural light patterns cycles experienced in nature, in an indoor setting. The audience could learn more about creating a harmounious and healthier enviornment that connects people with the natural world and promoted well-being

  • Shubhada Mundle - Ways to minimise light pollution

Learn the fundamentals of design, spatial arrangement, and aesthetics, to create visually appealing spaces and minimise over-lighting

  • Sandeip Anand - Facade Lighting

Discover the latest LED Technology advancements for facade lighting

  • Surbhi Jindal - Indian Craftsmanship

Exploring modernity at the intersection of traditional and modern lighting solutions

  • Akshara Vyas - Circularity

A dive into understanding the economic, technical and enviornmental systems that aim to eliminate waste and maximise the efficiency and reuse of resources within the lighting industry

Certified Lighting Workshop by Illuminating Engineering Society

  • Linus Lopez - Leasons learn't from lighting art
  • Amardeep M. Dugar - Exploring lighting design as a well-ness enhancing pro-active salutogenic approach towards optimal health

Carbon reduction and Sustainibility using Smart Lighting


Discover the power of Smart Lighting in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability! 

Join us to explore

How implementing Smart lighting can cut down on embodied carbon and shrink our carbon footprint. 

Gain insights into how Smart Lighting supports a greener environment and learn about the principles of Green Building. 

Dive into the role of Smart Lighting in fostering a Circular Economy. 

Plus, uncover real-life case studies showcasing savings through detailed calculations and analysis.